ANZ Plus. Australia

Multiple spatial typologies including pop-ups and meeting spaces were devised to suit a nimble new offering from major financial services retailer ANZ.


A collaboration with brand strategists SouthSouthWest generated into a warm, welcoming and forward-focused spatial personality in a fresh palette of signature blue with blonde timber, coral and white. With a focus on sustainability, which builds on the BreatheANZ concept, the design approach called for a modular kit of parts that could be transported, translated and reused across different sites.


Pop-ups and meeting spaces are currently in testing phase in various Melbourne and Sydney locations.

A demountable birch-faced timber canopy creates a sense of place at high level, complemented by a suite of gently curved, semi-transparent perforated mesh screens, which provide casual privacy and encourage people to engage in spontaneous self-directed learning.
A custom perforated mesh screen component was developed to use throughout the future stores, creating semi-private spaces in which customers can engage with various products.

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